The Agent, Kopaniasz Appraisals, Inc., agrees to perform property tax appeal services, therefore the 

parties agree to the following terms and conditions:

1. The Agent shall contest the subject property tax assessment for the calendar year 2016 for

an Advance Fee of $295 to the Client. Agent shall continue to monitor the progress of any proposed

tax reduction through the assessor's office and keep Client apprised of all subsequent activity for

that tax year and receive 5% of the reduction in tax liability.

2. Upon providing written proof of reduction in the tax liability, Agent shall be entitled to the payment

of 5% the tax savings achieved by Agent for the tax year 2016.

(For addendum purposes only) :


Agent: initials _______ Client / : initials ________

3. It should be noted that immediately upon receipt of acknowledgment by authorities, confirming the

completed appeal & resulting reduction, an invoice of the actual fee due shall be submitted to the

client for payment. Failure to pay invoices within 14 days shall incur an interest charge of 1% per

month. Client  shall also be responsible for any legal & collection cost deemed

necessary by Agent. Payment of property taxes receipt of refunds shall be the soIe responsibility

of the Client 

Owner Information on appeal: (Indicated below are the agreed upon starting assessment levels)

PROPERTY APN# 303-014-34-00_______ PROPERTY 2016 ACTUAL ASSESSMENT $8,232,102.00

PROPERTY APN# 303-014-34-00_____ _ PROPERTY 2016 PROPOSED ASSESSMENT $6,502144.00

PROPOSED 2016 REDUCTION __________ PROPERTY 2016 REDUCTION $1,729,958.00 .


(Client)  Name: ___________________________Date:______________** Signature__________________________


(Agent) Name: ___________________________Date: ______________Signature:___________________________

Robert Kopaniasz
Kopaniasz Appraisals Inc.

**(Please note that an Agent's Authorization form for 2016 must accompany this agreement)

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Service Agreement.pdf


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